My first book is a statement about my passion for using contemporary, less-is-more décor to create uniquely individual homes layered with my clients’ character, personality, and sophisticated taste. My goal always is to design homes that are welcoming, comfortable and functional for the people who live in them, and beautiful in every way. 

The book opens with the story of how my background growing up on a farm in Livingston, Tennessee, as the son of parents involved in real estate influenced my aesthetic. In the book’s first section, I spell out my underlying design philosophy and show how I put it to work to address functional and aesthetic needs, room by room, in the contemporary idiom. In balance of the book’s pages, I take a deep dive into eight residences I created in across the South and in London. In these chapters, I tour readers around each space from the front door to the outdoors and take them through the decision-making process step by step. The book concludes with a close look at the show houses I’ve contributed to over the years, because for me, design at its best is a form of generosity and a way of giving back.