I am a fast-paced New Yorker at heart, living in Nashville and Palm Beach. Part of my DNA as a designer is to be out in the world on the hunt for exceptional things for my clients, so I travel constantly. That said, I am always happy to come home. I was raised on a farm in Livingston, Tennessee, and because Livingston is just two hours from Nashville, I had the best of both worlds — city and country — from an early age.

Because both my parents are in real estate, the idea of creation and construction has always been a part of who I am. The house I grew up in was a conglomeration of things passed down from both sides of the family. My aesthetic is not that. Less became more for me from an early age, even before I began studying interior design seriously. In college, I started out in international business, but while studying abroad in London, I switched into the interior design program at the American University there. Once back in Nashville, I enrolled at O’More College of Design in Franklin, Tennessee, now known as the O’More School of Architecture & Design at Belmont University.

As a design student, I was fortunate to know Albert Hadley, a fellow proud Tennessean who, as a partner in the legendary interior design firm Parish-Hadley, transformed America’s legacy of interior design. Mr. Hadley introduced me to David Kleinberg, a Parish-Hadley alum with a modernist bent in whose New York office I worked for several years after graduation. When life took me back to Nashville, I opened my own firm. Ten years later, I opened my second office in Palm Beach, Florida.

Because creating a home is a major investment, I want to make sure each home I design works for the people who live in it. Rooms only come alive when people use them. My goal is to implement choices that make their spaces functional, interesting, creative, and above all, enjoyable and enduring.

Classic design principles with an emphasis on appropriateness drive my thinking. I believe the architecture of the home should drive the overall aesthetic. Geography matters because the quality of light differs from location to location. The same idea applies to fabrics as well, as certain textiles suit certain climates.

I’m partial to fashion, and have a passion for luxurious textures, fine apparel fabrics, and natural woven materials. But I couldn’t live without today’s performance fabrics, which also feel wonderful on the skin. I also love color. And I know the power of lighting.

My aim is to do what I know will make my clients proud, so their homes look like them, not like anyone else. The drive to make something different, individual, and unique propels me to work with talented craftspeople and artisans. My team and I will stock the closets if that’s what that family wants and needs. If the person is a collector, we’ll look out for items to add to their holdings or suggest something new that might appeal.

In the South, we’re famously house proud. We believe we know a thing or two about how to make a house welcoming, comfortable, and beautiful—a home, in other words. This is my job. It’s a privilege I never take for granted.